An Empty Parking Spot

An Empty Parking Spot

An Empty Parking Spot

“I got complimented on my parking today. Someone left a note that said PARKING FINE” – anonymous.

Ever wondered what it must feel like to be a vacant parking spot? To listen to people arguing over who saw you first? How must it feel to be so wanted?

Everyone who drives a motor vehicle is familiar with the woes of finding parking. It’s always a gamble, setting out of your house headed to your workplace or the mall or even the supermarket. Will you get parking? Or worse, what if you do get parking but you end up getting towed?

Or the situation is reversed. You’re driving on narrow lanes, bumping into potholes, trying to drive around the occasional cow and find yourself stuck behind a parked lorry or taxi. You curse and honk away for all that you’re worth but its of no use because the driver of the parked vehicle is MIA.

And the rest is history.

India is notorious for narrow roads and more vehicles than it can take resulting in traffic jams whether or not there’s a traffic light. Statistics reveal that more than 40% of Indian roads are occupied for parking. Without designated parking sections like in developed countries, there’s no option but to park where there’s space available. This leads to congestion.

Things have really escalated if a trip to the movies with a bunch of friends turns into the Indian version of nightmare on elm street. Except this time, the horror is a long waiting line for a parking spot and its not elm street, its DLF Mall of India.

You’re not just late for the movie by a few minutes, by the time you find a good spot that is legal and not to far from the mall, you arrive right on time for the interval.

British start-up JustPark has been delivering top notch solutions to this menace in the UK through an app-based service. The app matches drivers on the hunt for a parking spot with available spots in in commercial and public car parks, and private parking spaces. Founded a decade ago, it continues to provide some relief and a quick solution to the rat race.

India’s answer to parking issues includes apps like Parking Rhino, Get my Parking and more.

But the simpler solution is to simply reduce the number of vehicles on the streets by switching to a carpool. From “I’m late because I couldn’t find parking” you could go to “I’ve been clocking in early for the past week, give me a raise.”, and that’s the kind of glow up you really want.



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