Traffic- A Revolutionary Evolution

Traffic- A Revolutionary Evolution

Traffic- A Revolutionary Evolution

In the beginning of Damien Chazelle’s La La Land, on a searing hot highway in Los Angeles, the first visual that greets us is a bumper to bumper traffic jam that transforms into a vibrant dance number. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t imagined and hoped that the same thing would happen to me when I was stuck in a traffic snarl myself.

Commuting to the workplace for 2 hours everyday is no joke, when all you have for company is yourself and the stereo system and the endless honkers around you.

If you have read any of the previous blogs on carpooling and pollution, you must know by now, that there is an alarming number of vehicles on the streets of Delhi; a number that has gained international attention.

Have you ever been stuck in a traffic jam that was so bad that you found a bullock cart not finding it very difficult to match the pace of your fancy Maruti Suzuki?; Or a group of school children making their way past your window, while your speedometer was stuck at 5kms/hr, staring into the sea of glaring red brake lights outside your windshield?

If you haven’t, according to the Hindustan Times, that day might not be far off. To quote HT, “Experts say unless immediate steps are taken to unclog its roads, Delhi might find itself crawling at 5kmph-the average speed of a human walking-in the next 10 years.”

Delhi gained international attention from the WHO for being one of the most polluted cities in the world, added to that, the capital got nicknamed ‘India’s Asthma Capital’ , courtesy of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).

Like the evolution of humans, traffic in our cities has also evolved, faster than us. Let’s put a brake (pun intended) on that highway (double pun intended) on that shall we?


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